Vapor Barrier

Pole Barns and Pole Buildings in Florida - Available Vapor Barrier Options.

Vapor Barriers for Florida Pole Barns

One of the most annoying things about pole barns with metal roofs and metal siding is the drips that can occur inside. A solution to this potential problem is to add a bubble vapor barrier. This barrier is designed to prevent drips caused by sweating metal. It does not trap condensation like felt paper does but instead prevents metal sweating from happening. A bubble vapor barrier can help to keep your pole barn dry while also reducing the sound of rain striking the metal when it’s raining outside. Adding a vapor barrier also helps to add a small amount of insulation to your building.

How a Double Bubble Vapor Barrier Works in Florida Pole Barns

The double-bubble vapor barrier includes foil on the upper side with white on the underside. The foil side is placed against the roof’s metal. When the sun rises in the morning, your roof’s steel will be cool while the level of humidity will be high. When the sun’s rays cause the steel to warm, your roof’s exterior will warm up faster than its interior. This temperature difference can create steel sweating as condensation beads, causing moisture to enter your pole barn.
A double-bubble vapor barrier works as a reflector. When the steel begins heating in the sun, the heat will radiate through it. However, the reflective surface of the vapor barrier will cause the heat to be reflected out of your roof. This also helps to eliminate the temperature difference between the steel’s exterior and interior surfaces to prevent sweating before it starts and eliminate drips.

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Adding a vapor barrier to your pole barn design is a smart choice. If you want to avoid the problems caused by metal sweating, a vapor barrier can help you to keep your building water-tight. To learn more about our pole barns and the options you can choose, contact Nelson’s Metals today at (352) 374-7705.