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Installing Your Pole Barn in Florida

If you live in Florida other than in Broward, Duval, Lake, Pasco, Monroe Counties, and the South Florida Region you can benefit from the pole barns offered by Nelson’s Metals. We can guide you throughout the process. We can provide you with your initial quote and customize your pole building’s design.

Our Service Area in Florida

Nelson’s Metals installs pole barns in all counties in Florida, except for Broward, Duval, Lake, Pasco, Monroe Counties, and the South Florida Region.

If you live anywhere else in the state, you are in our installation service area. Our experienced installation crews can install your pole barn on-site to ensure that the finished building is durable and of high quality. If our wait times are not adequate for you, we can provide you a kit on much shorter notice. Please refer to our Contractor Directory for a list of reputable installers if a Nelson’s Metals crew is unable to get to your building in time.

Overview of Our Florida Pole Barn Installation Process

Here’s what you can expect for your Florida pole barn process from start to finish:
  • You explain your desired building size, its purpose, the options you want, and any ideas you might have. If you are unsure, we can help.
  • We will need to know if the project is zoned agricultural, residential, or commercial to get the correct price together for you. 
  • One of our expert designers will design your custom pole building and provide you with a free quote, including pricing information, and building specifications.
  • Once our design is the way you want, you’ll receive a contract listing your building’s specifications, details, and payment schedule for the project.
  • After you send back the signed contract with your down payment, we will begin to process your order, and draft blueprints (if applicable) for your custom barn.
  • If a permit is required, we will need you to prepare a site plan for your pole barn. We can walk you through this elementary process. 
  • Your project may require a pre-construction meeting at the building site to finalize the construction details with you. Prices may change if any site variables were left out in the design process. 
  • Once pictures of your ready site are submitted to us and the permit is approved, we will begin to work you into the scheduling rotation. 
  • A week away from installation we will notify you of the schedule. 
  • On the scheduled construction date, we will deliver your pole barn package, and one of our expert crews will begin to install it for you. Sometimes we may drop material off a couple days prior to commencement of the project. This process is primarily developed based off installation crew preference.

Get Started with Nelson’s Metals in Gainesville, Florida

If you are ready to start designing your pole barn, call Nelson’s Metals in Gainesville, Florida, today. We are the leading provider of pole barns in Florida and offer installation services year-round to our customers in all counties other than in South Florida. To receive a free quote, contact us today at (352) 374-7705.