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Pole Barns and Pole Buildings in Florida - Available Doors Windows Options.

Florida Pole Building Doors and Windows

Completing your Florida pole building with Nelson’s Buildings is a straightforward process with our large variety of door and window choices. Whether you want sliding doors, garage doors, solid entry doors, or Dutch doors, we have everything that you need. You can choose the doors and windows you want as a part of your building package.

Florida Service Doors

Nelson’s Buildings offers a couple of different styles of service doors for our customers. You can choose a 3 x 6′-8″ 6-panel steel door with a wood-framed entry and a keyed lockset. This type of door provides additional security to your pole barn. If you are wanting to let more light into your building, you can opt for our nine-light glass door option. With nine glass panels on the top, this door lets light stream inside while also allowing you to see others approaching.
Pole Barns and Pole Buildings in Florida - Available Doors Windows Options.

Florida Windows

Windows can add a nice touch to your pole building while also allowing natural light in. Nelson’s Buildings has a broad selection of window styles from which you can choose, including the following:
All of our windows come with insulated glass.
We also offer clear panel windows as a more affordable option. These corrugated polycarbonate windows are highly durable with a clear panel installed near the top of the window’s sidewalls. Clear panel windows are available in smoke, white, and clear and transmit more light than fiberglass panels as well as more resistance to yellowing. They are temperature- and wind-resistant. However, you should only use clear panel windows in an unfinished pole barn because it can’t be insulated since it doesn’t seal in the same way as a traditional window. If you want to finish your pole barn and insulate it, the fixed transom windows might be a better option.

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