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Whether you want to add a garage or a storage building to your Florida property, a garage or storage pole barn can be a great option. Pole barns are affordable, sturdy, and durable and can be constructed to serve as a home garage, auto mechanic's garage, or a storage building for your vehicles, farming equipment, heavy machinery, and much more. Pole barns are supported by embedded 8 x 8 pressure-treated poles that are anchored with rebar and wet pour concrete. We frame our enclosures using horizontal 2 x 6 wall girts and vertical 2 x 6 plates between the poles to make these structures very strong and durable so that your vehicles and equipment can be protected well into the future. Our typical enclosures come with vertical metal sheeting.
Garage Pole Buildings in Florida for Sale. Custom Storage Pole Buildings Florida.
You can add several optional features to your garage or storage pole barn, including enclosed walls, insulation, roll up garage doors, barn doors, gable ends, cupolas, and more. Pole barns bridge the gap between affordability and elegance. With qualified experience, and a stringent training process you can expect our builders to provide you with a great experience.

Customized Garage and Storage Pole Barns in FL

Nelson’s Metals offers the highest quality pole barn solutions for your garage and storage needs. You can use our custom-built pole barns for all of the following garage and storage solutions:

Sizing Solutions for Garage and Storage Pole Barns in Florida

Nelson’s Metals offers a large variety of sizing options for garage or storage pole barns in Florida. We can construct anything as small as a garage and storage pole building with an example size of 20′ x 20′ x 10′ to fit your motorcycles, sports car, lawnmower, or ATV up to a large garage and storage pole barn of up to 50′ x 96′ x 16′ with custom lean-tos or roof extensions to serve as a commercial shop or warehouse. We have a huge variety of different sizing options and styles from which you can choose. 16 feet tall typically fits any size equipment needs, but for buildings requiring even more height, we can contact local mills to observe our current market price for taller poles. We wisely, try not to push ourselves past a 50’ engineered truss max span pole to better extend the life of your pole barn. To go wider than 50’ we can add on lean-tos which can go out to 24’ wide. Length is as long as you need it to be. For example, we can easily go past 100 feet in length.
Garage and Storage Shed Pole Barn Building Construction in Florida.
A great benefit of choosing a pole barn for your garage or storage building is its versatility. If you need to store or service large vehicles such as RVs or heavy equipment, your pole barn can be constructed with enough height to accommodate them. Pole barns naturally have 10 or 12’ pole spacing, so that you can easily move your vehicles in or out. We can provide you with up to 24’ spacing between your poles upon your request.

Expert Help and Local Installation at your Home or Commercial Business in Florida

At Nelson’s Metals, we provide expert help to our customers to provide them with customized garage and storage solutions through our high-quality garage and storage pole barns. We will work with you throughout the entire process to help you get the custom design you want, provide you with a detailed quote, and construct and install your pole barn at your home or business location in Florida if you need us to install it for you.

We serve most of Florida, excluding Broward, Pasco, Duval, Lake, and Monroe County. We also avoid the South Florida Region. See our Map for greater detail. We can still provide a pole barn kit in these areas. As we continue to grow, our effectiveness will expand. Right now, we are extremely effective in Gainesville and surrounding areas. If your project is located more than 50 miles outside of Gainesville, extended lead times or additional costs may apply. See our Contractor List for reputable, installers in your area, and we can still provide the installer with a kit to build you the pole barn of your dreams. If you are located within our service area, our construction team can install your garage or storage pole barn to make the process smoother and ensure that your final structure is sturdy and durable.

Whether you need to add a small garage at your home or require a large garage and storage building for your commercial business, Nelson’s Metals offers pole barns in all sizes to meet your specifications.

Expert Guidance from Qualified Professionals

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your custom design just right, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

Sizing Options & Pricing Estimates

Whether you’re looking to buy a small building to store your outdoor lawn equipment, or you need a large barn for construction machinery or heavy equipment, Nelson’s Metals offers custom pole barns at every size, designed with a variety of features to meet your specific needs.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Leave it to our experts to assist you in finding the building that will fit your needs. Call us today, we specialize in custom Pole Barns.

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