FAQs About Pole Barns in Florida

Read through some frequently asked questions before you get started on a custom built pole barn building from nelson’s Metals.

General FAQs

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Nelson’s Metals installs pole barns in all counties in Florida, except for Broward, Duval, Lake, Pasco, Monroe Counties, and the South Florida Region. If you live anywhere else in the state, you are in our installation service area.

FAQs About Agricultural Pole Barns in Florida

Here are some of the most common questions Nelson’s Metals receives about agricultural pole barns:
The cost of an agricultural pole barn will vary, depending on its size, added features, and other factors. However, constructing an agricultural pole barn is generally much less expensive than using a traditional type of building construction. Contact Nelson’s Metals to discuss your specifications and receive a free quote.
There are many different types of customizations that you can have in your agricultural pole barn. We can help you understand the available options and how we can customize your pole barn to meet your individual needs.

Nelson’s Metals is based in Gainesville, Florida and serves all of Florida except Broward, Pasco, Duval, Lake, and Monroe County. We also avoid the South Florida Region. See our Map for greater detail. We can still provide a pole barn kit in these areas. As we continue to grow, our effectiveness will expand. Right now, we are extremely effective in Gainesville and surrounding areas. If your project is located more than 50 miles outside of Gainesville, extended lead times or additional costs may apply. See our Contractor List for reputable, installers in your area, and we can still provide that installer with a kit to build you the pole barn of your dreams.

FAQs About Equestrian Pole Barns from Nelson’s Metals in Florida

An equestrian pole barn represents an investment, and you will want to know that it is the best choice for both you and your horses. Some of the types of questions Nelson’s Metals receives about equestrian pole barns are answered below.
Your equestrian pole barn's pricing will vary based on its size and the options you choose. For example, an equestrian pole barn that includes an indoor riding area, horse stalls, and a completed interior will be more expensive than an empty structure. However, you can expect to pay less than you would for an equestrian building using other construction methods in your costs per square foot. Call us today for a free quote.
Strong winds and heavy rain are common concerns of many people in Florida who own horses. You will want to make sure that your horse barn will protect your horses and equipment from the elements. Fortunately, our equestrian pole barns offer great protection for your horses and are very sturdy and durable. We build our equestrian pole barns to withstand the Florida elements. Your horses will also enjoy ideal living conditions with our professionally constructed horse stalls. You can also have your building insulated so that your horses can comfortably remain in a comfortable climate year-round.
How large your equestrian pole barn you might need will depend on how many horses it will house, the size of your horse stalls, and your storage space needs. Horse stalls come in a minimum size of 12' x 12'. If you have two horses, the minimum size you would need without any storage would be 12' x 24'. However, this would not be very comfortable for you or your horses, so we recommend that you consider a larger equestrian pole barn to accommodate your needs.
Nelson’s Metals offers a large variety of different customizations. When we help you design your equestrian pole barn, you should consider the following types of needs:  
  • Water drainage from stalls after cleaning them out
  • Feed and tack storage
  • The number of horse stalls you will need
  • Lighting and windows
  • Insulation
  • Access to an outdoor riding area for your horses
  • Expandability if you need to add more stables
We will work closely with you to ensure your completed building accommodates all your requested needs.
Equestrian pole barns differ from regular pole barns by including different types of interior features, including horse stalls, birthing stalls, and others.