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Pole Barns and Pole Buildings in Florida - Available Sliding Doors Options.

Pole Barn Sliding Doors in Florida

Many people in Florida who need pole barns opt for sliding doors. Pole barn sliding doors are very popular. An agricultural pole barn typically has one to two sliding doors located at the building’s gable ends. However, you can also choose to have your sliding doors installed on the eave walls.

Florida Sliding Doors

Nelson’s Metals’ sliding doors for your pole barn allow you to really go after the rustic appeal that so many people strive for in a pole barn. A sliding pole barn door provides a rather large opening; much like our garage doors, allowing you to use your building’s entire clearance height. If you intend to use your pole building to store heavy equipment, large trucks, or agricultural machinery, a sliding door can provide you with a great option.
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Options for Your Florida Sliding Doors

The sliding doors from Nelson’s Metals are available in a large variety of sizes. You can also choose a solid sliding door or one that is split into two separate sections. Pole barn sliding doors are versatile and highly durable. They also complement many styles and sizes of pole barns. Some of the options we offer include the following:

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Nelson’s Metals offers pole barns to our customers across Florida, excluding South Florida, with a variety of different features. If you would like to add a single or split sliding door to your pole barn design, you should speak with us to obtain a free quote. Call us today at (352) 374-7705.