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Agricultural pole barns are frequently located on farms and are used to store feed, house livestock, or store farming machinery and equipment. Our pole barns structures come standard with rough cut 8x8 pressure treated poles, with high quality engineered steel trusses and can be used to fit nearly any agricultural need. Whether your farm focuses on livestock or crops, a pole barn can meet your shelter or storage needs. The experienced professionals at Nelson’s Metals can help you customize your agricultural pole barn to meet your farm's unique needs.
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Common Uses for Agricultural Pole Barns in Florida

Some of the common ways farms and agricultural businesses use pole barns include the following:

Benefits of Agricultural Pole Barns in Florida

Agricultural pole barns are built with pressure-treated poles that are embedded deep within the ground and provide support for the roof. The framing runs horizontally to the poles, providing strength and durability.
Choosing streamlined spacing with our rough cut pressure treated 8×8 construction for your agricultural building allows you to bypass the need for extremely custom engineering so that you can enjoy a much lower cost per square foot while still receiving a structurally sound building to meet your needs.
Agricultural pole barns are highly versatile and can be customized to fit your specific purposes. They can be enclosed, open, have large doors, and include many other features.
Pole barns are a great option for shelter for your livestock. They can also be insulated and wired to provide warmth so your horses, cattle, and other types of livestock have a safe place to shelter during storms.
Nelson’s Metals can quickly construct and install your pole barn so that you can have your building ready much faster than what you might expect.
Agricultural pole barns can be customized for the particular purposes they will be used for. Nelson’s Metals takes pride in offering highly customizable buildings. Although, we try not to deviate from our comfort level in order to provide you a streamlined process, and produce immaculate quality control.
If you leave your farming equipment outdoors, it can depreciate and be damaged because of the weather. Storing your equipment in your pole barn can help to extend its life, and protect your investments.

FAQs About Agricultural Pole Barns in Florida

Here are some of the most common questions Nelson’s Metals receives about agricultural pole barns:
The cost of an agricultural pole barn will vary, depending on its size, added features, and other factors. However, constructing an agricultural pole barn is generally much less expensive than using a traditional type of building construction. Contact Nelson’s Metals to discuss your specifications and receive a free quote.
There are many different types of customizations that you can have in your agricultural pole barn. We can help you understand the available options and how we can customize your pole barn to meet your individual needs.

Nelson’s Metals is based in Gainesville, Florida and serves all of Florida except Broward, Pasco, Duval, Lake, and Monroe County. We also avoid the South Florida Region. See our Map for greater detail. We can still provide a pole barn kit in these areas. As we continue to grow, our effectiveness will expand. Right now, we are extremely effective in Gainesville and surrounding areas. If your project is located more than 50 miles outside of Gainesville, extended lead times or additional costs may apply. See our Contractor List for reputable, installers in your area, and we can still provide that installer with a kit to build you the pole barn of your dreams.

Expert Guidance from Qualified Professionals

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your custom design just right, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

Sizing Options & Pricing Estimates

Whether you’re looking to buy a small building to store your outdoor lawn equipment, or you need a large barn for construction machinery or heavy equipment, Nelson’s Metals offers custom pole barns at every size, designed with a variety of features to meet your specific needs.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Leave it to our experts to assist you in finding the building that will fit your needs. Call us today, we specialize in custom Pole Barns.

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