About Nelson’s Metals

Family owned and operated since 1998. From the beginning we have believed in giving our customers the best built, best price, and best service! We are completely confident that only we can get you the product you deserve. Come purchase one of our products and become a part of the Nelson Family!
Nelson's Metals - About Our Florida Family Business.

Nelson's Metals - Our Story

The Nelson family began to get involved in the pole barn industry in late 2019. They quickly began to realize that there was a major need in the local pole barn market for good customer service. So, the Nelson’s began to work diligently, adding a second generation engineered truss-builder to their team. This move preserved stringent quality control, and ramped up production. The Nelson’s take great pride in providing high quality materials, at a competitive price.

Nelson’s Metals uses a strict recruiting model to find and mold reputable installers. You can be sure that when a Nelson’s crew is on your site for an installation, you’re being represented well.

We are constantly improving the quality of our product, and take steps to avoid cutting corners.

Whenever you get a Nelson’s pole building, you can be rest assured that you have a building that is built to last.