Pole Barns and Pole Buildings in Florida - Available Stalls Options.

Pole Barn Stalls in Florida

If you want to build a pole barn to accommodate your horses or other livestock, adding stalls will be important. At Nelson’s Metals, we can help you design your building and stalls to accommodate all of your horses and livestock. We can help you build a pole barn in the size that you need and can include all of the features you want that fit within the space, including stables, riding covers, and more.

Stall Options in Florida

We can help you build a variety of different types of stalls for your horses, including birthing stalls, wash stalls, and more. We use high-quality materials to provide you with the beautiful, durable stalls that you want. The stalls feature treated wood to resist rot and decay from water and manure exposure. You can also add painted metal grills for a finished appearance.

Stall Components in Florida

Our stalls offer all of the components you might want. You can add painted metal grills in a variety of different colors for the doors and stall walls. We also offer slider and door frame components and steel supports for your stall frames.

Speak to Nelson’s Metals in Florida

Nelson’s Metals offers pole barns and stalls to people across Florida, excluding South Florida. If you want to add stalls to your pole barn design or need help creating an equestrian or agricultural pole barn, contact Nelson’s Metals today at (352) 374-7705.